Breast Milk Ice Cream is back
Breast Milk Ice Cream is back


Breast Milk Ice Cream Relaunches at "Scream" Ice Cream Installation, Wednesday 11th May from 12.00 Midday.
Creators of the World's first breast milk ice cream, The Icecreamists, are relaunching "Baby Goo Goo" this week at their new political ice cream installation "SCREAM" in London's Covent Garden.
The parlor, which faced legal action from Lady Gaga over the name "Baby Gaga", have said that the pop superstar is still pursuing them despite them changing the name to "Baby Googoo" but that demand was so great that they had no choice but to relaunch it after it was initially banned by Westminster Council.
Founder of The Icecreamists, Matt O’Connor described SCREAM as a taboo-breaking satirical/political ice cream installation by various artists which would be unveiled in a series of theatrical Acts and include nudity, politics, sex and satirism as well as a series of provocative portraits called "Dictators of Cool" which features pop stars and political figures such as Tony Blair.
“The SCREAM project will continue to explore our relationship with food in a witty and provocative way as we began with our breast milk ice cream project. Ice cream is in a constant state of flux and is the perfect metaphor to describe our changing world. This installation truly will be the SCREAM of ice cream.” said O’Connor
The second ice cream project to be launched after Baby Goo Goo will be a "naked" ice cream week later this summer.

Published 09.05.2011



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