TV license fee abolished in France

The TV license fee was abolished in August during the adoption in Parliament of the amending finance bill . As a result, thousands of households who paid it and had opted for the monthly payment will receive a tax refund, notes Les Échos .

This will be from September for the 6.2 million households who have subscribed to the monthly payment for the residence tax and the fee and who are already completely exempt from the residence tax. As a reminder, the housing tax and the contribution for public broadcasting are two taxes levied jointly.

As for monthly households who still pay part of the housing tax (20% of French people), they will see the sums, already paid for the audiovisual license fee, subtracted from the amount of their housing tax levied this fall for 2022. .

In total, nearly 23 million households, which have a television set or a “similar device”, will be exempt from this annual sum – €138 in mainland France and €88 in the overseas departments – according to public service website. Instead of the fee, a share of the value added tax (VAT) will now be allocated to public broadcasting.

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